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Youth Exchange

Respect to the environment, respect for human

August 2015, Turkey

Project number: 2014-3-TR01-KA105-014257

The youth exchange “Respect to the environment, respect for human” consisted of 10 days of seminars, workshops, intercultural nights and visits. The main theme of the project was environment and how to maintain the balance of the common sharing of the world to leave a legacy to future generations.

The project aimed to promote environmental awareness and respect for nature for the good of the planet, humanity and future generations among young people. Through non- formal education activities, participants from six European countries were encouraged to reflect and discuss on these themes, so that despite the significant cultural differences, all participants could identify with their European peers because of common values.

CUS Padova selected eight young people aged 18 – 25 years old and one group leader to represent Italy in this project based in Ulukisla, under the leadership of the Ulukisla sub – Governorship, from 5th to 15th August 2015, to meet their peers coming from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Estonia.

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